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Replaces lost or broken off standard SAE two-pin weather caps Color: Black Made In the U.S.A.: No Style: Replacement Type: Plug Cap
Moto Brackets 18 AWG 5 Foot Charging Lead Extension MB-CL5 Black
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5' DC charging/power lead extension lets you extend your standard SAE DC charging or power lead Avoid the bulk of a 25' extension cable if not needed Can combine cables to create 10', 15' L or longer extensions as needed Color: Black Length: 5' Made In the U.S.A.: No Style: SAE Connector Voltage: 12V, 6V
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Has female cigarette socket end, 1' 6" L Color: Black Length: 1.6' Made In the U.S.A.: No Style: Auto Lighter Socket, SAE Connector Voltage: 12V
Moto Brackets 12V Automatic Battery Load And System Tester MBT Black
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True battery resistance tester that applies a resistance load which duplicates starting load conditions Resistance load is auto-timed for increased accuracy Unique "test and hold" feature locks the under-load voltage reading for easy comparison to the pass/fail test matrix Maximum starting resistance load up to 400 CCA, 0-15V Can also be used to test starter draw and charging system voltage by using the open-circuit voltage meter function with the high-low-normal voltage matrix on the tester face Includes safety reverse polarity indication Built-in wall hanger Amperage: .400A Color: Black Made...
Moto Brackets Easy To Read 12V Pocket Battery Tester MBVM Yellow
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The perfect size 12V battery tester for a technician's pocket or tankbag, saddlebag or glove box Easy-to-read rainbow meter indicates percentage of battery charge and good/bad alternator voltage range Use with probes to test a battery in a vehicle, or remove the black (negative) cable from the fixed location for on-battery terminal testing at a counter or bench Color: Black,Yellow Made In the U.S.A.: No Style: Pocket Voltage: 12V