Motorex Copper Anti-Seize Spray 300 ML
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Is a special copper spray to prevent mechanical parts exposed to high temperatures such as exhaust manifold bolts, spark plugs, brake pads and heat exchangers from seizing as a result of heat Silencing properties, resists oxidation, protection against corrosion, good adhesion, resistant to salt water, extremely good thermal stability Suitable for use between -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C) and 2192 degrees F (1200 degrees C)
Motorex Air Filter Oil 1 Liter
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Specially developed air filter oil for foam air filter elements Keeps out sand, dust and water Guaranteed optimal air flow Very good adhesion
Motorex Chain Lube Racing 500 ML
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Prevents chain and sprocket wear Special white lubricant strengthened with Teflon with extreme adhesion for all- especially X-Ring and O-Ring- motorcycle chains For Optimum chain maintenance and clean rims Extremely resistant to spin, waterproof and temperature-resistant Also available in a refillable mini pack 50 state legal
Motorex Chain Lube Racing 56 ML
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Special white, wear-reducing lubricant with excellent adhesion for all-especially X-ring and O-ring-motorcycle chains Waterproof, absolutely resistant to spin and high pressure Best suited for road use Also available in refillable mini pack 50 state legal
Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 100 ML
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Special oil for hydraulic clutch systems Excellent age resistance Ideal viscosity at both high and low temperatures High seal compatibility Area of application: Whenever the manufacturer recommends a mineral oil based fluid
Motorex Scooter Gear Oil ZX Semi Synthetic 80W90 130mL
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Semi synthetic-performance scooter gear oil Optimum friction coefficient Developed to provide a smooth drive for scooters Convenient, easy-to-use tube Not to be used in wet clutch applications Specification: SAE 80W90/API GL-4/5